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The winners of the resource exchange participated in the Safer Internet Forum 2014 in Brussels.


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Youth ambassadors discuss outreach of the Youth Manifesto principles


Youth ambassadors met last month to brainstorm on how to raise the visibility of the Youth Manifesto and how to disseminate it to youth across Europe and beyond, building on the previous efforts and campaigns targeting young people, and policymakers.

The Youth Manifesto was launched on 18 March 2015 during a Web We Want launch breakfast event in Brussels where two of the Youth ambassadors were present and participated in panel discussions. Following up from the discussions with the Web We Want teachers present at the launch event, the Youth ambassadors agreed on a targeted strategy to reach young people. The strategy focuses mainly on building up social media activity across various platforms, peer mentoring to reach young people at national level and attendance at European and international events where Youth ambassadors can share their views on the Youth Manifesto and the future of the internet with industry, policy makers and other stakeholders.
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Editor: Carlinda Lopes