Resource exchange initiative

The winners of the resource exchange participated in the Safer Internet Forum 2014 in Brussels.


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Have your say on the future of the internet and win a trip to Brussels!


Participate in the Youth Manifesto initiative to ensure that your digital rights are safeguarded and you might just win a trip to Brussels.

There are two ways to go about it – Create a resource and Cast your vote. Consider this as a fun project... discuss it with your parents or teachers, or work on it with your friends.

Your project: Use your creativity, and think long and think hard about different issues relating to the online world and how that online world could be made better in the future. Then create a resource that reflects your thoughts and opinions. It could be anything - a poem, a poster, video or even a blog. If your creation is among the six best received, you’ll be invited to participate in the Safer Internet Form in Brussels in November.

We have already received entries from different EU countries and we encourage you to send in yours by 15 September 2014.

Casting your vote: Do you think there should be more freedom online? Do you think the terms and conditions of popular online services should be simplified for users to understand? Do you want better online reporting systems?

These are among the 30 best ideas collected over a period of two months from youth from 31 European countries on what a better internet might look like. Those ideas have now been collated here for you to vote on. The ten most voted ideas will form the Youth Manifesto that will be presented to European policy makers during the Safer Internet Forum later this year.

This is your chance to ensure that your voice is heard and your opinion is taken into account!

Editor: Rupinder Arora