Resource exchange initiative

The winners of the resource exchange participated in the Safer Internet Forum 2014 in Brussels.


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Toolkits and resources Toolkits and resources

As part of the youth manifesto initiative, we have developed a range of toolkits to help teachers to initiate discussions in the classroom. The aim is to prompt young people to think about some of the issues and consider what they would like the internet of the future to look like.

Lesson 1:
Creating a better internet - getting started with blue-sky thinking!
Lesson 2:
Being included and being good citizens
Lesson 3:
Learning throughout life

Lesson 4:
Being online, being healthy and well

Lesson 5:
Being happy, playing games and being connected
Lesson 6:
My future world of work



Please find below the leaflets that explain the Youth Manifesto competition and could be used to promote the initiative as well.